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2022-2023 Kentucky Summative Assessment (KSA) Results for

2023 Kentucky State Assessment Results:

  Math Proficient Math Distinguished Reading Proficient Reading Distinguished
Elementary 31% 12% 26% 22%
Middle 26% 10% 30% 15%
High 27% 11% 32% 14%

Dress Code


Dress Code

In keeping with the educational purpose of this school, students are expected to dress and groom themselves appropriately. Each student is expected to keep his/her person and clothing modest, clean, and neat.  The wearing of clothing which might disturb the order and decorum of the school is prohibited.  Administrators and teachers shall enforce the dress code policy.


The following rules will be enforced:

  1. Clothing, jewelry, and accessories that bear the following:
    •   Decorated with offensive illustrations
    •   Slogans that are suggestive of drugs, tobacco products, alcohol, sex, obscenities
    •   Language that proves to be a disturbing influence
    •   Statements, slogans, images or insignia that harass, threaten, intimidate, demean, suggest violence, or sexual innuendo and/or creates a reasonable risk of substantial influence of the educational process, i.e. The Confederate Flag, Swastikas, etc. or other clothing deemed intolerant based upon Federal Title IX guidelines, is not permitted.
  2. Footwear and shirts must be worn during school and at extra-curricular events related to the school and the district.
  3. Revealing clothing is not permitted.  Some examples are as follows:  bare midriffs, very sheer or see through clothing, bare backs, off-the shoulder tops, tank tops, and shirts with cut out sleeves are not allowed.  Tops revealing cleavage are not permitted.  Wide-strap sleeveless tops that extend to the shoulder are acceptable if the arm openings are not revealing.
  4. Visible rips, tears, or holes located above the knee and below the shoulder on any garment are not acceptable, unless leggings or form fitting pants are worn underneath or a neatly sewn patch is present.
  5. No hats, hoodies, scarves worn as head coverings, bandanas, caps, rakes, picks, combs, spurs, or sunglasses may be worn inside the building.  The offending article may be confiscated.
  6. Skirts, dresses and shorts should be no shorter than 5 inches above the knee. 
  7. Form fitting pants are permissible provided the top worn over the pants covers the buttocks.
  8. Any apparel that is gang related cannot be worn on the school campus.
  9.  No sagging pants are allowed.
  10. No chains or spiked collars are permitted.
  11. Students will not wear pajamas, nightgowns, house slippers, or lounging pants in school. Blankets and pillows are not permitted to be worn or carried class to class.
  12. No costumes are permitted.


  • Dress code violations corrected prior to the 8:30 AM start of school will not count as a dress code offense.  Garment must be replaced or removed (not covered by a jacket or taped, for example). 
  • There will be a classroom check for dress code violations daily during first block. 
  • When possible violations of these expectations occur, the student will be sent to a principal who will evaluate the violation and instruct him/her in the correction of the matter.   In keeping with Positive Behavioral Support initiatives, every effort will be made to correct the issue and return the student to his/her regular class as soon as possible.   Some situations may require that the student is assigned to AIM. 
  • Administration reserves the final right to determine the appropriateness of clothing or apparel and to apply discipline as necessary.



Dress Code Violations & Consequences

Dress Code Consequences:

            1st Offense:  Correct the offense and student is returned to class.

2nd Offense:  Student is placed in one-half (½) day of Saturday School and offense must be corrected.

3rd Offense:  Student is placed in one (1) day of Saturday School and the offense must be corrected. 

If it is not possible to correct the offense, the student must spend the rest of the day in AIM in addition to being assigned Saturday School.